Forthcoming Services and Events

                                      SALWARPE FETE — SATURDAY 22 AUGUST

Unfortunately, it has become obvious that our annual Fete cannot be held this year as Covid-19 remains a threat and Salwarpe Village Hall is also closed until at least the beginning of September.


The loss of this year’s Fete is very disappointing for the community as a whole and a serious blow to the church’s finances, upon which the upkeep of our two medieval buildings depends. However, we must now look forward to next year with the hope that an effective vaccine or treatment for the virus will then be available.

                                          SUPPORT OUR FARMERS

At a time when Farmers are working hard to feed the nation ahead of the busy harvest months, they can ill afford to contend with fly tipping on their fields and in their gateways.


The closure of Household Waste and Recycling Centres and Government Stay at Home rules have triggered a surge in fly tipping. Members of the public can give their support during these testing times by keeping a lookout for any suspicious activities and reporting incidents they witness to the police.


A quantity of books written by the late Gillian Lawley, previously Church Warden of Martin Hussingtree Church, have been donated by Gill's sons, Christopher and Graham. The books are £8 each and the money will be donated to Church funds.

This is a most interesting book and is available from Carol Hughes via the [email protected] button on our Contact page.

                              V.J. DAY 75th ANNIVERSARY 2020

15 August 1945 marked the end of the War with Japan. National celebrations planned for this important milestone in history have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus restrictions.


However, we can all ensure that the brave soldiers are still remembered wherever you may  be on Saturday 15 August 2020, by raising your glasses of refreshment in a national toast of gratitude to those who always felt they were the forgotten Army. Let us all ensure they are not forgotten on this historic anniversary.